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Keep yourself warm in style this winter!

What is winter without fashion? There’s no one without the other. What’s trending this coming winter is bold colors for boots, coats, bags and everything in between. Carob Magazine shares the winter style update for 2017.

Look 1 . Purple

Purple is such a beautiful color, you can never ever go wrong slaying this color. 

Look 2. Red

Nothing screams bold and beautiful more than the color red. You will simply just make a statement without opening your mouth.

Look 3. Black

Black is Boss! For bad girls only.. This is one color that will never go out of style...

Look . 4 Green

Green is life, it is the way to go this winter... You'll never go wrong if you go green..

look. 5. Yellow.

Yellow is a beautiful and friendly color if you wear it right, just one tip, accessorize wisely!