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Ghana's next top model- Magdalene Twumasi

Once in a while, a new face emerges from Africa to take the world by storm, dominating billboards and runways. 

One such model is 22 year old  Magdalene Twumasi, Carob Magazine catches up with the beautiful African gem. She is the face of Christie Brown, a Ghanaian high end fashion line that specializes in women's wear.

CAROB: Please tell Carob Magazine who Magdalene is, where were you born?  How it was like growing up and what inspired you to become a model?

MAGDALENE: Magdalene is a Ghanaian model; A dreamer, a Go getter, Calm, sweet, simple and very humble soul.

Growing up was both sweet and bitter; I grew up in a compound house, so I had lot of friends to play with and other children who lived in my neighborhood. At that time, my parents were okay with our finances and we lacked nothing. I went to a private school and basically I had a good life, until one unfortunate day, my Dad had an accident. I was little when that happened at 7 years old I think… I did not understand what was really going on. What I remember is my Dad was lying on the mat with sores all over his body and couldn't move. That was the end of my happy childhood. My mum had to stop work and stay home to look after my Dad. My older sisters were not really old enough to do so, and then things started to change. We could not eat our favorite food anymore; it was hard for my mum taking care of five girls all by herself and the story goes on. 


CAROB MAGAZINE: We love your look here @Carob, it’s very unique, sleek and original, what makes you keep it natural?

MAGDALENE: Thank you. I am a simple person and I like to keep it simple. My natural look gives me that awesomeness, daring, black girl image that I prefer. It’s beautiful and easy to maintain.

CAROB MAGAZINE: What does being an African woman mean to you?  What is your dream for Africa?

MAGDALENE: Personally, it means knowing that I am beautiful and that I have a responsibility to be as real as I can to myself.

There are a lot of customs, traditions and cultures I have to uphold to, a whole line of ancestral image I have to protect and respect. Being an African woman means that I should be proud of who I was created to be without an apology.

My dream for Africa is for Africa to know that, Africa is Africa because of Africa and Africa can’t be Africa without Africa. We need each other, Africa is all we got, we have to respect ourselves, love and treasure each other. Nobody can make Africa great except for Africa.

If your neighbor's house catches fire, you should know that so far as you are the neighbor it will eventually spread to yours if you don't help put it out. We need to accept that we are one people. My dream for Africa is that, Africa will not lose herself but will accept and love herself as she was made to be because she has a whole lot to give.

CAROB: Define beauty in your own terms. ..

Beauty comes in different forms, we determine beauty by what attracts us, our desires, our passion, our feelings and what we see etc. so I would say, beauty is what we feel, think, desire which suits our persona, beauty is what we hold dear to our heart.

CAROB: You are the face of Christie Brown summer collection, how many doors has this opened for you?

MAGDALENE: Christie Brown is actually the first designer I worked with this year. So basically, working for her has been my good luck charm. One major door I can clearly say it has opened door for me is been contacted by the Editor and Chief of Carob Magazine to be on the cover of their magazine. So yes, being the face of Christie Brown has opened doors for me and I know many others will follow. I can’t thank her and her team enough for choosing me to be the face of their collection. I am humbled.
CAROB: How is the Ghanaian modeling scene? How competitive is it?

MAGDALENE: Hmmmmmm....the Ghanaian modeling scene and its competitiveness, okay. Let me sum up my answer with this. So Nigeria has Oluchi, Sudan has Alek Wek, Angola has Maria Borges, and some other Africa countries are doing great as well but Ghana has Ghana.

CAROB:  If you were not a model what would you be doing with your life?

MAGDALENE: I would be acting.

CAROB: How do you feel about being on the cover of Carob magazine?

MAGDALENE: I feel awesome, I feel amazing, I feel like a million dollars and certainly feel blessed!

CAROB: What inspires you?

My life inspires me, because I go through every single day, week and month by myself, for myself. The will to live and survive the next day inspires me. The hopes and dreams I have for my future, my family, and my loved ones inspire me. Seeing my nephews and nieces grow hoping and knowing that I can do better than what I did yesterday inspires me.

CAROB: Which models do you look up to internationally?

MAGDALENE: Tyra Banks, Naomi Cambell, Coco Rocha, Karlia Kloss, Adrianna Lima, Alexandra Ambrosio, Jasmine Tooks, Jordan Dunn and many more.


CAROB:  Last but not least, which designers would you still like to work with in Africa and internationally?

MAGDALENE: Christie Brown, Akwan2fo and others.